Have a question about something on the site? Wanna just chat or say “hi?” Need a dress, quilt or other bespoke item and want to commission me to make something for you? Feel free to contact me anytime! I can be reached at: annaintechnicolor @ (just remove the spaces before you do so!)

8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Anna! I just returned from UK. If you don’t sell your sheer dress and the eyelet fabric and striped shirting, let me know and the fort maybe can buy it. the dress would be nice to have in our lending closet.
    talkwith you soon!

    1. Hi Nancy! Nice to see you home from the UK, and thanks for the offer to take the fabric off my hands! I have to go to the fort sometime later this month to exchange some things with Dana, so I would love to meet up then and talk fabric and your dress. 😉

  2. Hey Anna,
    your blog really amazes me.
    Im a reeënactor myself, viking and stone age,
    and all though im not really into youre era,
    this blog is really interesting.
    I Love the way you wright, and your pictures too.

  3. Hey Anna, My wife and I were thinking of joining the Fur Trade at Ft. Nisqually after a summer trip there. Do you have any suggestions for dresses foe my wife? Also a place to go shopping for cloth since Bremerton is not a fabric rich area.

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