A jump, skip, and a blog hop

Puddle jumping, 1960

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Kirsten of Fifty Two Fancies for the sewing blog hop that is going around. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please go do so! She is a very talented seamstress based in New Zealand, and I love seeing her creations every week. Alright, on to the questions!

Why do I blog?

What a timely question! I’ve been lacking blogging motivation as of late, so answering such an introspective question about why I blog has been helpful with that. I guess the answer is that I’ve been helped out so much myself through reading other sewing blogs that I really wanted to pay it forward. I started this blog back in 2010, with the focus primarily on historic costuming, as that was the main kind of sewing I was doing at the time. There’s so many great historic costuming blogs out there, but so few featured reproduction projects from the 1850s (my primary era of living history interpretation), so I really wanted to fill in that gap. These days, historic costuming takes up the smallest amount of my sewing time, but I continue to sew (more vintage and modern things) and I love to share those projects with fellow bloggers all over the world.

What is my writing process?

Haphazard, lol. My posts are based on what I’m stitching/wearing at the time (or want to stitch/wear!), so that really informs the content. Typically, I come up with a title, and then a base outline of what I want to say. I’ll type up some of the content, and then it’s usually at this point that I get writer’s block, so I’ll go through and edit my pictures for the post. That normally gives me some more content to work with. After I have a draft post finished, I tend to save it and then look at it the next day with fresh eyes before it’s published.

How do I differ from other sewing blogs?

I think the breadth of how many different eras and types of projects I take on makes me stand out in the sewing blogesphere. Very few historic costuming bloggers also do vintage and modern sewing, and very few modern sewing blogs also feature historic costuming. That, and I have British Boyfriend (TM).

A current WIP is…

. . .  a witch table runner for my upcoming Halloween party this weekend! She has striped black and orange socks, and I so can’t wait to show you guys. 🙂


Thanks again to Kirsten for nominating me for this blog hop, and if you have a sewing blog and would like to participate, I heartily nominate YOU!


4 thoughts on “A jump, skip, and a blog hop

  1. I love learning more about what inspired/drove fellow bloggers to launch their sites. Even when certain common threads run through the answers, there’s a highly personalized element that I often see continually reflected in that person’s blog writing all the time. Thank you for sharing more about yourself, sweet dear, it was really lovely to get to know you better.

    ♥ Jessica

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