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Titanic Tea dress musings

Readers, I have no idea what direction to go in when it comes to my dress for the Titanic tea. Granted, it’s still a month and a half away, and I’m still working on underpinnings, but being me, I like to know what I’m going to work on. So, it’s with this thought in mind that I’ve decided to do some “thinking out loud” (via the internet) in the hopes that getting all of the confuddling dress thoughts out of my head and articulated into words will help me make a decision.

So, my first thought was to reproduce a dress from the film (the 1997) version. This is my favorite movie of all time, not just becuase of Leo Dicaprio, but also because of the costumes, (unplausible but lovely) storyline, set, and music.

Anyways, I’ve always loved this yellow dress Rose wears, but then I thought that I didn’t want to do all of that embroidery around the bodice (what can I say, I’m a gal that likes a quick sewing project).

Then I thought that this dress would be fun to wear, and appropriate, too, since Rose wears it during tea and I’m going to a tea, but then I thought “where am I going to find lace like that at an affordable price for a struggling college student?”

Then I *briefly* considered recreating the navy blue satin and velvet dress, but this one has been so overdone that that discouraged me. What can I say, I’m an individual (which is why I’m considering reproducing the lesser-known costumes from a blockbuster movie).

So, with the Titanic movie costume choices all fraught with some issues, I decided to turn instead to another one of my favorite Edwardian costume dramas, Downton Abbey!

I love this lavendar stiped dress that Lady Mary wears in the first season, and it looks simple enough. I’m just worried about it looking too “old lady” or “school marm,” especially with the lace that is tacked to the front.

I also like her jaunty little “walking into town” outfit (complete with a fabulously-trimmed hat!). I’m just worried about this being too many pieces (3 altogether) to get done in the amount of time I have.

Velvet, striped silk, and lace - oh my!

Finally, I looked at some original dresses from The Met, and I fell in love with this striped ensemble (it dates from 1913-1917, but I think that’s close enough). I’m just having problems finding a striped fabric that’s comparable with this one, so I may just have to go with what I can find that’s close enough.

Now, I realize that taste and preferences in dress style are all subjective things, but what I’m looking for mainly in doing this reproduction is something that is both cost-effective and not too complicated to make, but that also looks nice. If I keep that criteria in mind, I should (hopefully) be good. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Titanic Tea dress musings

  1. Tough decision – they’re all lovely! Downton Abbey has some fantastic inspiration; I watched some of it twice so I could ogle the clothes!

      1. Do you know of any places that would sell Lady Mary’s striped tea dress? I have been looking for it

  2. I think that Lady Mary’s dress does indeed come off looking old lady-ish, however when she puts it on with her pow and pizzazz, it is anything but. I also think that no matter what dress you wear, the hat makes the outfit, so you are going to have to create something amazing. Either that ask your very dear friend Victoria to borrow a smashing broadbrimed black hat (with a black rose on it as a nod to our Titanic friend). Lady Mary will have nothing on Lady Anna G.

    1. Oh, Victoria, you’re too kind! Thank you for such a lovely comment. 🙂

      And I agree that the hat will make the outfit, and I make take you up on that broadbrimmed black hat offer, depending on whether or not I manage to finish this whole ensemble by the time of the tea. Speaking of which, will you be able to make it to the tea on the 14th?

  3. Anna – I think the striped dress would be wonderful and not old lkady at all. And… It would be so easy to make. Makes me want to dig through my stash lace collars. Will stay tuned. Have fun!

  4. Hmm. The Lady Mary dress has possibilities. I may have some lace in my stash that would work for it, if you’d like (my sister used a piece on her wedding dress). The catch is that it is in pieces; sold by weight.

    On the other hand, the Rose dress with embroidered bodice…could you splurge and get a piece of pre-embroidered cloth for this? Or would machine embroidery work for the “look” if not a true reproduction?

    1. Oh, thanks for the offer, Britta! I’m going to the Sewing Expo this week, and I’m going to hit up the lace booths. If I can’t find anything that will work there, then I would love to see the lace that your sister used for her wedding dress. 🙂

      As for the Rose dress, the only issue with buying it pre-made is finding it pre-made! The pattern is very distinct, and I do want to try to reproduce it as closely as I can (even though it won’t be for an uber-authentic event).

      I’m thinking that I’ll go to the Sewing Expo this week, see what I can find, and then make my decision on what dress to reproduce then. Hopefully . . . 😉

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